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5 Things You MUST Do In Durban

The Easter holiday season is upon us, and as Durban turns from humid to heavenly, we’re enjoying the slightly cooler evenings. We hope you’re settling in for a super first holiday season of 2019!

Off Grid Living at Anchor’s Rest In order to conserve electrical energy in South Africa, the whole country has recently experienced another round of scheduled power outages. The official term for this is “load shedding” and at Anchor’s Rest, it’s prompted us to think carefully about how best to manage these scheduled power outages. Going “off grid” has big benefits, not only for ensuring that our guests enjoy a comfortable stay, but it also helps us keep our rates as affordable as possible. That’s why we’ve undertaken some serious modifications to our guesthouse, such as:-

News and Reviews We adore hearing more about your experiences at Anchor’s Rest, and are always so grateful when you share more about your time with us online. And yes, we do read every single one! Our 5-star rating on TripAdvisor makes us very proud, indeed. Please share your experiences of your stay with us via TripAdvisor, and let people know about the favorite parts of your Umhlanga holiday. You can also read more about our guests’ experiences with us on TripAdvisor, and rate your experience using their nifty starring system. We’ve enjoyed learning more from our 350 reviewers on TripAdvisor so far - are you next?

Park Run It’s one of the most incredible health and fitness events, and it happens every week, worldwide. Parkrun takes place on a Saturday morning, and is a timed, 5 kilometre run that seeks to get people out and moving, in a free-to-attend event. One of the most popular Parkruns in South Africa, Umhlanga Parkrun, takes place along the gorgeous Umhlanga promenade, starting at the pier. Anchor’s Rest is just a short walk away from the starting point, so if lacing up for your weekly 5 kilometre Parkrun features highly on your weekend itinerary, it’s easy to stay on track when you’re staying with us. If you’d like to know more about the Umhlanga Parkrun, and how to sign up for these events, please ask Sandy at Reception for more information.

5 Sightseeing Essentials in Durban

Visiting Durban isn’t what it used to be: it’s even better! We asked some of our local tour guides and operators for their tips on some of the city’s hidden gems. Here are 5 things you must do, the very next time you’re in Durban:

Anchor’s Rest Recommends: Chat to Sandy at our Reception Desk for advice on transport arrangements and also to find out more about our beautiful city’s hidden gems.