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A Fond Farewell To Our Sandy

Almost every time you call Anchor’s Rest, check in at the front desk, or have a question about our facilities, there’s one person you turn to: It’s Sandy. Sandy has been our Anchor at Anchor’s Rest since 2003.

Sandy will be retiring at the end of June 2019, and while we are so sad to see her go, we absolutely wanted to pay tribute to our exceptional Manageress, before she leaves. Sandy’s plans for retirement hopefully include ignoring her alarm clock, and spending more time with her family and friends (including the furry ones!)

Sandy has been our true Anchor at Anchor’s Rest and, without her, Peter and I would surely have faltered in some way. Sandy rescued us from the confusion of paperwork, and saw us through some of our best times at Anchor’s Rest. Moreover, she’s been with us during the harder times as guest house owners, and has never once left our side. We will miss her very much indeed!

Sandy joined the Anchor’s Rest team in 2003, unofficially, as we were navigating our way through extensive renovations and needed an extra set of eyes to help us reconcile the mammoth heap of receipts, invoices, and associated paperwork.

We first met Sandy, however, long before Anchor’s Rest opened. Our friendship began long before Peter and I moved to Durban, and I first met Sandy at a dinner party where I was immediately struck by her kind smile and manner. Our friendship grew from there, and when we desperately needed help making sure our books balanced in 2003, we called upon Sandy’s bookkeeping expertise to ensure all was in order.

Sandy started working at Anchor’s Rest, part-time, in a purely bookkeeping role. But, as time grew on and her natural talent for dealing with people came to the fore, she was soon managing bookings and helping guests check in. From thereon, Sandy become our front desk Anchor at Anchor’s Rest, taking on the role of Manageress with aplomb.

But it’s not just her work that speaks to her character - it’s her absolute affection for our dogs too. When Peter and I must go away, Sandy steps in to ensure all continues undisturbed at Anchor’s Rest, and that every high standard we’re committed to is achieved. Sometimes, you may not even realise that we’re not in the country, because Sandy ensures everything stays just as it should, at Anchor’s Rest.

Often and ably assisted by Benson and Jade, Sandy has been responsible for checking you in, attending to every query, managing bookings, and ensuring that everything runs at Anchor’s Rest in accordance with our mandate: to give you the best feeling of being at home, when you’re not at home.

Nothing is ever a bother to Sandy, and she’s always remained ready to help, with a warm smile and genuine care for every person she meets.

Sandy, we will miss you very much, and we know that our guests will too. We wish you the most glorious and restful retirement, and hope you will pop in to visit soon. Anchor’s Rest thanks you for your incredible service, and we know each of our guests thanks you too.