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Looking Forward To Seeing You Again

Living The Lockdown Life
As South Africa moves through each phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, our government is adapting its lockdown regulations, in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus. While leisure travel is now extended for people to enjoy holidays within their own province, we do look forward to when our provincial and national borders will open up again. As always, we also remain open to service the accommodation needs of business travellers and healthcare workers. As a proud member of Ubuntu Beds, we are so happy to support our healthcare workers on the frontline. We're looking forward to seeing every one of you again, as soon as we can! We do hope you enjoy the gorgeous rainbow snap above, as shared with us by the Umhlanga Urban Improvement Precinct. Captured by Derek Wilson, we like to believe that this beautiful rainbow, which appeared over our coastline this week, is a sign of hope and great things to come.

Our COVID-19 Protocols
Adapting to life under lockdown has been interesting. Naturally, in accordance with the very best health and safety standards, we have adapted our operations to ensure every guest can rest assured that their needs and safety come first. Beyond simply ensuring a clean environment for our guests and staff, we have also implemented additional restrictions and sanitation procedures. We have recently been certified by Corona Comply, and have earned a certificate of compliance. This ensures our operations remain entirely committed towards preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

Getting our Daily Dose
As the rules of social distancing have changed our social lives, so too have our daily routines. Daily Dose, the ever-popular coffee truck that’s positioned just near the Umhlanga Promenade, has become a regular stop-in for us. Before we take the dogs for a stroll near the beach, we pop in for an excellent brew and claim a little (socially distant!) spot in the sunshine. Kudos to the Daily Dose team for getting the coffee, and all important measures, just right! Do pop in next time you're in the area! 

Keeping Busy at Anchor’s Rest
Aside from the double duty of ensuring that our establishment remains COVID-19 free, our team has been enjoying a little downtime too. Tabita and the team have been enjoying jigsaw puzzles and filling in the quiet time with some beautiful moments. 

Doing Good In A World Gone Mad
It may seem like the world has gone mad, but that’s no excuse to not do good! As part of our clean-out and re-organisation of Anchor’s Rest, we’ve donated a substantial stack of books and magazines to Grace Church Umhlanga. Grace Church is using these resources to educate and entertain people living in shelters across Durban. The Anchor’s Rest team also purchased and donated two large shopping bags of non-perishable food to support a local Hospice, and participated in a Virginia Bush cleanup, as part of the Mandela Day 67 minutes campaigns, in and around our lovely neighbourhood.

The Open Road
During November 2019, transport authorities were forced to close a main highway in Durban. Commonly known as the M4, this road is important as it enables an easy flow of traffic between the airport and our lovely little village of Umhlanga. Unfortunately, as a result of significant rainfall, part of the M4 collapsed, rendering the road dysfunctional, and threatening some properties around the area. The good news is: the M4 was recently reopened, on 12 June 2020. A mammoth restructuring, resurfacing, and the installation of new support structures, was undertaken. 

A New App For Tourists
KwaZulu-Natal Tourism recently launched a new KZN Travel Guide mobile application that’s now available on the App Store and Google Play. Featuring local travel information, and highlighting must-see spots and destinations across the province, the KZN Travel Guide is a must-have for your mobile phone!

From The Anchor’s Rest Kitchen While you’re at home during this period of lockdown, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy one of your favourites from our kitchen! Cilla has shared one of her favourite recipes below. Taken from Sannie Smit’s South African Cookbook, Cilla paid just R9,95 for this book, back in the 1980s! 


Chicken Breast in Ham Sauce 1kg breast of chicken or turkey 30 ml butter 30 ml cooking oil/olive oil 1 onion chopped 1 stalk celery chopped 1 small carrot chopped 5 ml salt 2 ml freshly ground black pepper 30 ml cake flour/cornflour 250 g cooked ham cut into thin strips 250 ml chicken stock 15 ml prepared mustard 125 ml evaporated milk 30 ml chopped parsley