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Make Every Day Feel Like a Holiday

We hope 2018 is serving you sweetly so far, and that your sunshine dreams are coming true. During this wonderful year ahead, we’re looking forward to Umhlanga settling a little more into her new skin and we’re on the hunt for great new spots to visit this year. 

In our last post, we shared a little more of the story behind Anchor’s Rest, and how the pursuit of sunshine made us shake off our corporate lives and head to the coast to create the peaceful haven in Umhlanga we’ve been ever so lucky to welcome you to! Shaking off the corporate world doesn’t come easily though, but more importantly, the business lessons and experiences we brought into Anchor’s Rest have never felt more important than right now. As the world changes, and feels somewhat in a state of flux, we remain ever-committed to offering you the serenity and security of a sunshine stay at Anchor’s Rest. While we enjoy the experience of living in a truly global village, our priority remains the same – ensuring that you get a good night’s rest, in a comfortable room, and enjoy exceptional service. Over on TripAdvisor (where, yes, we ARE still the number 1 Inn/B&B in Umhlanga) a recent visitor, who enjoyed an epic Umhlanga holiday with us, had this to say:

And they’re not the only ones! Vladimir and Marie, visitors from the Czech Republic, booked in to Anchor’s Rest during the 2017 holiday season, and have already booked to return this year, and again in 2019. We loved having you with us, Vladimir and Marie, and can’t wait to see you again! Benson and Jade agree!

While you’re planning your next vacation or mini-break, let us help you plan your itinerary while you’re on holiday in Durban. Here’s what we recommend:

It seems like the Christmas tree has just been packed away, and we’re already planning our Easter celebrations! Don’t worry though, because we’ve still got space available for you, so go ahead and book that family getaway! Book your stay with us at Anchor’s Rest, and we’ll make sure your holiday is everything you need it to be. We can’t wait to see you again!

We hope to see you again soon at Anchor’s Rest,

Cilla & Peter