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Summer is on its way to Umhlanga.

Although the typical Spring rains have made their way to Durban, we know it’s just a sign that the city is setting us up for a splendid Summer. We’re readying ourselves for the influx of tourists and holidaymakers who will join us in our beloved Umhlanga this year. 

We may be lucky enough to regularly visit friends overseas, and so privileged to learn more about the world from our incredible guests, but there’s something so significantly important about our little slice of the world at home. Moreover, we love showing our guests the wonder of our continent. I found this poem the other day, and thought I would share it with you:

The Call of Africa

When you have acquired a taste for dust, And the scent of our first rain, You're hooked for life on Africa, And you'll not be right again. Until you can watch the setting moon And hear the jackals bark, And know they are around you, Waiting in the dark.

When you long to see the Elephants Or hear the coucal's song, When the moonrise sets your blood on fire, Then you've been away too long. It is time to cut the traces loose, And let your heart go free, Beyond that far horizon Where your sprit yearns to be.

Africa is waiting - come! Since you have touched the open sky And learned to love the rustling grass And the wild fish Eagles cry. You'll always hunger for the bush; For the lions rasping roar; To camp at last beneath the stars And to be at peace once more.

- Anonymous.

Mafiki at Anchor's Rest

Anchor’s Rest would not exist if it were not for our exceptional team. It’s because of our team that we’re able to offer you the very best service Umhlanga has to offer. Mafiki Dube is an unquestionable force in our team. Mafiki is our longest-serving staff member, having joined us in 2008. She started out as a general worker, and had no experience in the hospitality industry. Over the last ten years, Mafiki has worked her way up through the ranks and is now our Senior Housekeeper. Mafiki lives in White City, Inanda with her husband and three sons - Mthe, who works for the CCMA; Lwazi, who is employed by the Municipality; and Nkanyiso, who is currently completing high school. Mafiki makes your stay at Anchor’s Rest the one you’ll remember forever. Thank you so much, Mafiki!

New Things in Your Rooms 
Last month, we shared with you about our love for Tasha’s Fantastic Fudge, and that we now stock each room at Anchor’s Rest with these delectable treats. We’re now also stocking your rooms with Anchor’s Rest branded bottled water. You’ll find two bottles of this crisp, refreshing water in your room next time you book in.

Benson & Jade Help Out
Benson and Jade are our ever-eager apprentice guest managers, and a quintessential part of theAnchor’s Rest lifestyle. But, we know that not every hound is as lucky as they are. Phoenix Animal Care & Treatment (PACT) do such incredible work in animal rescue, and we felt compelled to help out as best we could. Benson and Jade were there to supervise our handover of four bags of Hills Science Diet Food to Phoenix Animal Care & Treatment. If you’d like to learn more about their exceptional work, or join us as donors, please visit their Facebook page.

The Breakfast Beat in Umhlanga
The best days start with great breakfasts. Here's who we recommend for the best breakfasts in Umhlanga: