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The Holidays are Here! (We found them, in Umhlanga)

2018 is coming to a quick end, and we’re welcoming visitors to our sunshine funshine coast, by the dozen. We hope this year has been kind, delightful, and filled with exceptional moments for you and your family. For us, our favourite memories from 2018 have centred on seeing old friends, hearing incredible stories from you, our wonderful guests, and learning more about your travels. We look forward to hearing more about your journeys in 2019!

Umhlanga UIP

Our little village of Umhlanga is growing up at a rapid pace, and we’re so pleased to witness the improvements and expansions that are taking place. Under the guidance of the Umhlanga Urban Improvement Precinct (Umhlanga UIP), our beaches, promenade, and region are well taken care of. For a small slice of how the UIP helps keep Umhlanga great, here’s what they’ve been up to recently:

Michael Wasserman Will Be Missed

2018 has, unfortunately, been a year of loss too. In late November, we lost one of Durban’s finest assets: a tourism operator who has made a massive contribution to Durban’s tourism industry over the years. Michael Wasserman owned Durban Shuttle Services, and was the friendly face many of our guests met when he picked them up from King Shaka International Airport, or when he ferried them to tourist sights around the city. Professional, reliable, and punctual, Michael was a joy to work with, and we were lucky enough to have him as our transfer and shuttle partner for more than nine years. Aside from his exemplary service, Michael was an absolute gentleman and light in the world. Sadly, he lost a short-lived battle with Leukemia, just five weeks after he was diagnosed. For all of you who met and knew him, we are sure this news will leave you saddened. Please join us in wishing his beloved family peace, and we hope they know we will miss him every day, with them.

Thank you, Tabita

Dorothy, the Senior Housekeeper at another B&B in Stanley Grace Crescent, Cathy’s Place, recommended her sister to us three years ago. Tabita Jako joined us in 2015, with no housekeeping experience at the time. Eager to learn, however, Tabita quickly tackled learning how to cook a full English breakfast, service our rooms, check guests in, and conduct stock takes. Over the past three years, Tabita has taken on and conquered many a challenge, and we’ve been so grateful to have a go-getter on our team like her. Tabita's daughter has recently graduated as a teacher, with Anchor’s Rest having assisted with her fee payments. We’re very proud of our future educational leader. 

Business Travel in 2019

If you’re travelling to Durban during the course of 2019, don’t forget to book your accommodation with us. You can pre-book your room for dates throughout the year (subject to room availability) and rest assured: your accommodation needs for your business travel to Durban will be well taken care of. Big tip:  If you’re visiting Durban for a conference during 2019, staying at Anchor’s Rest is generally friendlier on your wallet (and your boss’ budget!). Moreover, you’ll enjoy a far more personalised, comfortable experience! We look forward to seeing you in 2019. Book here.


From our family to yours, we hope this holiday season brings a hundred chances to smile, a thousand reasons to laugh, and an infinite number of opportunities for an afternoon nap. We’ll see you in 2019!