About Us

Wish You Were Here With Us!

Living in these uncertain times does make life uncomfortable. We did, however, want you to know that we’re thinking of you. Moreover, we’re missing you at Anchor’s Rest, and we’re looking forward to a future where we’ll exchange stories, share laughs, and enjoy each other’s company, once again. We look deeply forward to seeing you again, once it is safe to travel. We hope that you are managing your time at home and staying safe across the globe. We do, indeed, live in strange times, and juggling between childcare, work, and ensuring we all stay safe can feel overwhelming at times. Be sure to make some time for yourself, and remember: we will get through this together, yet apart.

What we’re up to at Anchor’s Rest
The grass has not been left to grow under our feet at Anchor’s Rest. During this period of lockdown, some of our team has remained hard at work. Peter, Cilla, and Tabita, have begun a great refresh of Anchor’s Rest, while we work towards ensuring your absolute safety when you visit us again. We have:

Our Anchor’s Rest Team
While the three of us have stayed at Anchor’s Rest during lockdown, including our housekeeper, Tabita, most of our team returned home to lockdown with their families. We’ve been keeping in touch with everyone, to ensure that they remain safe and healthy, and have ensured they continue to be paid at this time. 

Ubuntu Beds
South Africa has begun to focus its energies on managing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our frontline healthcare workers are called to their cause, and for many of them, this means separating from their families. In order to isolate themselves, they need accommodation close to the medical facilities they work at. That’s why Anchor’s Rest has signed up with Ubuntu Beds. As a community-focused project, Ubuntu Beds unites hospitality businesses that have been hardest hit by the lockdown and pandemic. As part of Ubuntu Beds, Anchor’s Rest now offers free accommodation to healthcare workers who now need to be closer to their medical facilities, or need to isolate from their families. We’re very proud to be part of Ubuntu Beds, and contribute towards keeping our healthcare workers, and their families, safe.